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Simple. User Friendly. Functional.
Because we wanted a tool that makes the job of real estate agents easier and increases their efficiency. We want to help you become even more productive and continuously add value and that is also why we will keep on improving Revolution.

Under the hood we use only the latest and coolest technology which enables rapid expansion and quick changes based on your needs and the transformation within the real estate industry. We are passionate about shaping the industry, thinking ahead and building a quality CRM application that you will enjoy using.

We are excited to present to you: Revolution!


The proof of the pudding is in the eating and so we invite you to dig in and try Revolution for yourself. Filled with all the juicy CRM features you'd expect, flexible and powerful reporting, intelligent buyer-seller matching - and all this in the cloud! No need to backup any data, no worrying about security. We do all of that for you. And should you want to extend Revolution or link it with any other system we will provide you with an API. Linked to the CRM you get your own fully customizable website with content management.
Streamlined time saving application for PC, tablet & mobile use
Effective contact management with powerful CRM & reporting
List on your own integrated professional website that comes with a content manager
List on major property portals with one click
Create professional brochures in seconds


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  • "Revolution is user friendly and I am loving the new view of the system. It is much quicker to get our work done!"
  • "After working with Revolution, I have found it to be very user friendly and thorough. I am able to retrieve and load data more accurately and faster. I am very comfortable using the new system and enjoy it very much."
  • "My two favoured things about Revolution are the search function and that it’s simple and easy to use for all ages."
  • "I enjoy working with Helmut and the Revolution team.
    Revolution is a very user-friendly system and made training for my agents easy. I find Revolution to be convenient and it provides easy access to brochures, feeds, reports etc.
    I am looking forward to work with you in partnership in the future."

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